Indoor Fishing Restaurant in CdO

Spacious parking space infront of the Fiesta Indoor Fishing Restaurant at 
Tiano-Mabini Streets, Cagayan de Oro City.

A FUSION of a fishing adventure and a Korean Gourmet, all set in one unique ambience, is now opened in Cagayan de Oro City.

Fiesta Indoor Fishing Restaurant, which is conveniently located along Tiano and Mabini Streets, opens its door to all Kagaya-anons. It sets a new dimension of a fishing adventure and experience the best Korean Cuisine in town.

Fiesta Indoor Fishing Restaurant is the only fishing restaurant in the country today where leisure and pleasure are experienced by fishing enthusiasts––and after an hour of fishing, would bring you to more fish to catch and win prizes.

It is where lovers of fishing can experience to the fullest their passion to catch fish. A new kind of indoor fishing adventure that every fishing enthusiast will love to do along with friends family and loved ones.

The indoor fishing pond has fifty eight ( 58) comfortable seats. For only Php150 promo price an hour, a fishing enthusiast will enjoy catching all the Catfish present in the fishing pool. Fishers are provided with free fishing sticks, earthworm baits and free refreshing drinks. A school of catfish inside the fishing pond are tagged with prices for their daily event prizes bonanza.

An array of appliances ranging from a refrigerator, a washing machine and other home appliances, cell phone, digital camera and many others are at stake once lucky fishers/customers can catch fish with tags/caps. Running clean fresh water within the fishing pond keeps the catfish alive. 

Korean National Seo Ju Won personally serves foods to customers offering gourmet taste of their special menu – the tongkas cutlet – choices of fish, pork and chicken. It’s so tasty with mouth watering kim-chi korean vegetable salad dashed with korean onion sauce.
To enjoy more fish to catch, the catfish are thrown back to the fishing pond to be fished again. For fishing lovers who wish their catch to be cooked, they will pay the price of their catch.
Dining tables of Fiesta Indoor Fishing Restaurant has built-in designed grills for customers to grill their choice cuts of fish, pork and exotic eel. The only one of its kind we have in Cagayan de Oro today.

Experience the gourmet taste of their special menu – the Tongkas Cutlet – choices of fish, pork and chicken. Its so tasty with mouth watering Kim-chi Korean vegetable salad dashed with Korean Onion Sauce.

They offer four (4) sets of menu to satisfy the discriminating taste of gourmet lovers. The Dae-ji Galbi-Grilled Pork; the Sam Gyup Sal-Grilled Pork Strips; the exotic Jan-uh Gui-grilled eel and the Bul-gogi: their Grilled Marinated Beef and Grilled chicken.

Come! Experience fishing adventure and enjoy the gourmet korean cuisine at the newly opened fiesta indoor fishing restaurant.
Fiesta Indoor Fishing Restaurant is now the newest food and fishing adventure landmark and a tourist destination and point of interest for all visitors, guests, domestic and foreign tourists visiting to a soon highly urbanized Cagayan de Oro. A City in Blossom, in Bloom and in Boom.

It is owned and managed by a Korean national Seo Ju Won and wife Michelle from Surigao City.

Photos By Rolando Sudaria

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  1. I have never been this place before so how about in cooking? Are they going to cook for us? Or we'll be the one to do that also?