Help-Portrait CDO to hold photo session

DO you have a camera? Are you a photographer? What if your camera could help people smile? Come together laugh? Say chesse!

This holiday have the chance to serve,to create,to engage,to shoot,to listen, to love, to give and the chance to really receive.

Help-Portrait CDO-it’s a movement –shift in, thinking about photography? A call to get your camera out, and use it to an extra ordinary way, a chance to impact someone’s life with a click.

No matter where you are—help portrait is already there..on December 21,2010 from 9 till 4pm be there at the corpus christi gym, photograph your neighbor, your friend, the homeless, the sick, the single mom, the lonely, anyone in need and give them a reason to smile.

The fun part? The best part… it’s not about you…you are giving the picture, not just taking it. It’s about exposure…open yourself up…spend time…connect,laugh,share,serve,for the pure sake of serving.

Help people see the beauty of who they are and what they have. Help-portrait cdo. December 21,2010 @ the Corpus Christi Gym.


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