Jatico Adventures, Extreme Adrenaline to open January 2011

JATICO ADVENTURES, Extreme Adrenaline, the newest tourist destination in Cagayan de Oro City is set to open in January 2011. Located in Barangay Bayanga, it’s a were 19 minutes away from the city proper.

As shown above in their website which will be online soon [www.jaticoadventures.com]. Jatico Adventures has 4-course ziplines up to 2,500ft, hanging bridge, zorb, big swing, bungee tramp and Extreme Adrenaline amenities. The site also includes native huts for mountain lodging, campsites, a 5-hectare mountain trek, boot camp, team building, corporate and company outing and family fun.

Interestingly, the site is said to offer a 360-degree view of North-South-East-West of Mindanao Island—this is a must see. You need to bring binoculars.

For further info and for directions, just contact (088) 309-4986 or (088) 858-4986.

Adventure in Cagayan de Oro never stops.

Main/Starting zipline 3 meters deep x 4 meters wide and 6 meters length of PURE CONCRETE. Capacity 200,000++ pounds per square inch (psi). International Zipline standard is only 30,000 psi base strength.

zipline 3, ongoing construction

the zoomed view from below, the TOP MAIN zip start. Zipline 1

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  1. Wow, I did not know that Cagayan de Oro has zipline and zorb adventures too. This is interesting. There's no need to go to Bukidnon just to experience such activities along with the white water rafting because the city has it all. Great!