Acenas Appeals For Cooperation Of Businessmen For Facelift Project

VICE MAYOR Caesar Ian Acenas yesterday appealed to businessmen to cooperate with the city in efforts to facelift the city, starting with the Divisoria area.

The vice mayor, who chairs the City Council committee on tourism, invited businessmen operating at Divisoria for the second time to continue discussions on the proposed repainting of buildings and edifices at the city’s downtown.Participants who attended the first meeting agreed to start implementing the repainting project by November 2010.The vice mayor said technical men will be visiting them to discuss their preferred colors. The city will respect their company paint colors, he added but said the whole project must be well planned for an attractive result.According to Vice Mayor Acenas the city is now one of the country’s favorite convention center, tourists and visitors have been coming. He said this week alone three national conventions were held here and during the fiesta celebration the city had about 30,000 guests. “As much as possible the city would like to make it more attractive that is why we need your cooperation,” he added.He said this is one of the priority projects of Mayor Vicente Emano. He recalled that that Divisoria was  once dark and without any life but when the mayor assumed as the chief executive, it became a lively place.The facelift project will be good for the city, in terms of tourism and business, he added.
Article by Lorebeth C. Requiroso/ City Council Office | 2010-10-10


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