Paseo del Rio Starts Construction

Photo by Ed Montalvan thru The Mindanao Current
The Paseo del Rio complex of the Pelaez family has started construction of their Hotel and Convention center at the foot of the Kagay-an bridge.

Dump Trucks carrying filling materials come in and out of the site as bulldozers, graders and rollers level the area that was once a water-clogged area.

Photo by Ed Montalvan thru The Mindanao Current

 Work has also continued on the Rodelza Circle, the rotunda at the foot of the bridge. The plan is to reduce the size of the rotunda and the widening of the road around it, from the present two lane to a four lane road.

The complex has been dubbed as a ’City wthin a City’ the Pelaez Family said that they intend to develop it into a business center designed by Felino Palafox, Jr. whose company is reportedly one of the top architectural company in the world.

Photo by Ed Montalvan thru The Mindanao Current

The project, an ambitious riverfront mixed use development of a 10-hectare property is expected to be one of Cagayan de Oro City’s newest growth area within the urban center and is expected to stimulate the development of Cagayan de Oro as a globally-competitive city and put the city in the global tourism map.

Palafox was commissioned by the family of Dr. Rafaelita P. Pelaez to craft the project’s architectural design  and overall concept. He designed the ‘Palm Island” of Dubai, The Rockwell Center of Makati, The Ayala Business Park of Cebu, Ayala Alabang, the Divine Mercy Shrine in El Salvador City and several other places here and abroad.
The multi-million “Paseo del Rio” project, that will cover open areas surrounding the Carmen/Nazareth/Macasandig Bridge, will also complement the river boulevard development project of former Mayor Tinnex Jaraula which is going on along the riverbank of the Cagayan de Oro River.

In an earlier presentation Palafox said the proposed Paseo del Rio project is designed… “as a place where people can walk, shop and dine in one walkable community…”

 Applying his vast  expertise in modern urban planning and design, Palafox said the concept of the “Paseo del Rio” is a multi-use approach of development in the project site that will boast of high-rise waterfront buildings and global-sized hotels of at least 350 rooms, restaurants, mixed-use commercial and business centers, playground, covered walkways, bicycle lanes, gazebo, rotunda, underground parking, and many amenities and recreational facililities.

Once fully developed, the project can generate employment to about 30,000 to 50,000 people, according to Palafox.

In addition to this, other nearby areas could possibly be additional sources of development and this may eventually end up as a ‘City within A City.’

First photo, an artists concept of the hotel and business building at the Paseo del Rio Complex as trucks, graders and buldozers level the ground; Right phots the Rodelsa Circle plan and the progress of work going on. Work intensity at the site is expected to rise in the next few months as the construction of the area goes into full swing. 

Photo by Ed Montalvan thru The Mindanao Current

Thanks to The Mindanao Current for keeping us posted. 
source: The Mindanao Current



  2. but at last, the mega flood brought by sendong passed through the said site, 3 floors high

  3. Why do they construct Paseo del Rio complex in the middle of Cagayan River? Wla nabang ibang lugar sa CDO? Look, di ba delikado iyon? What if may baha ulit??????

    1. for crying out loud, its not in the middle of the river

  4. Sir where can we apply for the hiring of Paseo Del Rio?

  5. your exaggerating. just the first floor only...